Carmageddon 2 FAQ
by RCS

General Questions

  • What is Carmageddon 2?
  • Are people who play Carmageddon 2 sick?
  • What are the controls?
  • What are the minimum requirements for Carmageddon 2?
  • When is Carmageddon 2 coming out?
  • Why does the UK version have zombies in it?
  • What's this about an alien version?
  • What's the difference between all the versions? What version will I get?
  • How do I get more upgrade slots?
  • How do I play in high-resolution mode?
  • How do I change resolutions (800*600, etc)?
  • What 3D support is there?
  • Is there force feedback support?
  • How do I play a Network game?
  • What about Internet play?
  • Is there modem play?
  • What about cheats?
  • How do I take screenshots?
  • Are there any nifty secrets?
  • Is there a car editor?
  • Is there a track editor?
  • How do I change the multiplayer options? (time limits, etc)
  • How do I get CPU cars in multiplayer?
  • How do I get pedestrians in multiplayer?
  • How do I use the cars and things I have downloaded?
  • I'm stuck on a mission! What should I do?
  • How about some carmageddon links?

    Troubleshooting Guide

  • The games is slow and jerky.
  • The mini-map is in the middle of the screen.
  • Is there any way of getting the launcher to reappear?
  • The sound is distorted.
  • After the loading screen, the game crashes with an invalid page fault or stops.
  • When I click the 'launch' button, the game crashes with an 'Invalid Page Fault' error.
  • The game is pausing every 3-4 seconds.
  • When I try to start a game, it asks for the CD, even when it's in the drive.
  • The 'Home Sweet Groan' level crashes
  • The mouse is stuck in the top left corner.
  • I can't reverse!
  • Network games won't connect, or crash all the time.
  • Where can I get a patch?

    General Questions

  • What is Carmageddon 2?

    Well, it's a computer game. Some people (particularly parents and government officials) seem to have trouble understanding this, but Carmageddon is, in fact, just a computer game. Honestly. I've double checked my research, and the 'computer game' theory of Carmageddon is accepted scientific fact.

    At it's core, it's a demolition racing game with outstanding physics and damage effects. You also get to squish pedestrians.
    It was created by
    Stainless Software, and distributed by SCi and Interplay.

  • Are people who play Carmageddon 2 sick?

    No, of course not. While Carmageddon 2 is pretty gory, and the main character is insane, it's just a game.
    Playing Carmageddon 2 doesn't make someone a demented maniac any more that playing Tomb Raider makes them a fat-chested archaeologist with a fetish for killing endangered animals.

  • What are the controls?

    Either a joystick or the keypad is used to control your car, while the arrow keys change the camera postition.
    Shift plus the arrow keys moves the mini-map

    BackspaceRepair car
    InsertRecover car (flip)
    [ and ]Select power-ups
    AltUse power-up
    CToggle cockpit view
    ZGear down. (Or jump the starting gun)
    TTarget lock opponent
    YCycle targets
    SToggle sound on/off
    -Toggle peds on/off
    EnterOpen/close car doors
    DeletePurchase Armour
    EndPurchase Power
    Page downPurchase Offensive
    MToggle mini-map
    F1HUD Detail
    *Toggle camera

  • What are the minimum requirements for Carmageddon 2?

    Realistically, PC users need at least a P-233 with 32MB to get an acceptable frame rate, and a good 3D accelerator is pretty important.

    Macintosh users should have G3 Power Macintosh with 96MB of RAM, and System 8.x or better. Again, a good 3D accelerator is also vital. (Voodoo or ATI RAGE Pro, for example)

  • When is Carmageddon 2 coming out?

    PC, Mac and console versions are out now.

  • Why does the UK version have Zombies in it?

    The BBFC banned (refused to classify) the original version of Carmageddon 2, so the zombies were put in instead. There are patches available restore the normal pedestrians, if you have the zombie version.

  • What's this about an alien version?

    Some places have received an ultra-censored version with aliens instead of people.
    Again, patches are available to change it back.

  • What's the difference between all the versions? What version will I get?

    Worldwide distribution of carmageddon 2 is by SCi (Sales Curve Interactive). There are localised versions in several languages, and the game may have human, zombie or alien pedestrians. The only difference is graphic of the peds and the colour of the blood.

    The version in the US has been slightly modified- It is distributed in North America by Interplay. It's the human version, but the missions are easier. (more time is allowed.)
    It also has some minor changes to some text, powerup names, etc. Finally, Interplay delayed release for a short while to incorporate many of the fixes in the 1.1 patch. (The US version is effectively 1.1)

    United KingdomZombieSCi
    United StatesHumanInterplay

  • How do I get more upgrade slots?

    You find them as a special power-up. There aren't any early on, and you are limited to the maximum amount you can have in each group. There's a few easy ones to grab in the city mission of group 5- replay that level a few times to outfit your car.

  • How do I play in High-resolution mode?

    The hardware (3D accelerated) version is in 640*480. The software version can only be run in 320*200 mode.

  • How do I change resolutions (800*600, etc)?

    You can't. Carmageddon 2 is fixed at 640*480 if you use a 3D accelerator, 320*200 for software mode.

  • What 3D support is there?

    PC Carmageddon 2 supports Glide and Direct 3D, so most 3D accelerators are supported.
    ViRGE cards won't work, and PCX2 cards have compatibility issues.

    Mac Carmageddon 2 supports RAVE, 3Dfx and software modes.

  • Is there force feedback support?

    Yes. It's said to be a little weak, though. The 2.0 patch improves support somewhat.

  • How do I play a Network game?

    Install Carmageddon 2 on all machines. You will need the CD while booting, but you can remove it once the game is loaded and then use it to start another machine.

    Make sure your network is functioning properly- You need the IPX protocol installed, rather than TCP/IP.
    The host (the fastest machine) should start a network game, while the others join a network game.
    here for information if you're having trouble running a network game.

  • What about Internet play?

    Carmageddon 2 does NOT support internet play. IPX networks (Computers with network cards that are cabled to each other) is the only way to play Carmageddon 2 multi-player. You must play over a local area network, not the internet.
    Even if you use IPX emulation (kali, kahn, heat, zone, etc) it will not work properly. Carmageddon 2 cannot handle the latency generated by phone lines, so while the emulation will function, the game will loose synchronisation and be unplayable.

  • Is there modem play?

    Nope, no modem play is included. If you have Win98, a high end computer and a clear line, you might be able to use Microsoft Dial Up Networking to simulate and IPX connection over the phone line and get a working game. However, modem to modem links have 150-300 ms latency, and that's often too much for Carmageddon to handle.

  • What about cheats?

    The cheats are a bit difficult to get working. They should be typed while playing the game (during a race).

    You must type accurately, and don't hit any keys for a few seconds before or after the cheat.
    Note the keys still have the normal function, and this can cause problems.
    For example [S]ound can cause a pause as the CD turns on, so you might 'loose' a keypress.
    Your car should be stationary while you type a cheat. Getting hit by another car or moving seems to interrupt the cheat. (sometimes:)

    TILTYPinball Mode
    WATERSPORTUnderwater Ability
    LEMMINGIZEStupid Pedestrians
    STIFFSPASMSMutant Corpses
    WOTATWATAMIGreased Tyres
    SMARTBASTARDCompletes The Race
    MRMAINWARINGPedestrian Panic
    BIGDANGLEMutant Tail Thing
    WETWETCredit Bonus
    TINGTINGFree Repairs
    STOPSNATCHTimer Toggle
    MOONINGMINNIELunar Gravity
    FASTBASTTurbo Peds
    STICKYTYRESWall Climber
    GOODHEADPeds with stupid heads
    TIMMYTITTYTime Bonus
    POWPOW Opponent Repulsificator
    ZAZAZPedestrian Annihilator
    TWATOFFExplosive Peds
    CLANGCLANGBodywork Trashed
    FRYINGTONIGHTPed Electric Ray
    BIGTWATSolid Granite Car
    XRAYSPEKSEthereal Peds
    FRYFRYPed Flamethrower
    OYPOWERUPNOPowerup Cancelificator
    DOTACTIONPeds On Map
    TAKEMETAKEMESuicidal Peds
    DIDEDODIMine Shitting Ability
    LAPMYLOVEPUMPCheats Enabled
    GLUGGLUGMega Bonus
    STICKITSPeds Stuck To The Ground
    MEGABUMGiant Peds
    MINGMINGInstant Repairs
    BLUEBALLZFrozen Opponents
    BLUEPIGSFrozen Cops
    SWIFTYSHIFTYTurbo Opponents
    STICKYTYRESWall Climber
    EYEPOPPERInstant Handbrake
    JIGAJIGBouncey Mode
    MRWOBBLEYJelly Suspension
    FRYINGTONIGHTPed Electric Ray
    STUFFITUPDamage Magnifier
    PILLPOPFive Recovery Vouchers
    DUFFRIDERock Springs
    RUBBERUPGripomatic Tyres
    LEDSLEDSGravity From Jupiter
    EASYPEASYSlow Motion Peds
    TINYTOSSMini Peds
    FURKINELLTurbo Bastard Nitros
    LIQUIDLUNGEOil Slicks From Your Arse
    GETDOWNGrooving Peds
    FARTSUITSHelium Peds
    LARGEONEPissed Peds
    HIPPOTARTFat Bastard Peds
    BLOODYARTISTSStick Insects
    COWCOWPed Repulsificator
    INEEDAPILLPed Valium
    SKIPPYPOOSKangaroo On Command
    OSOSTRONGExtra Armour
    OSOFASTExtra Power
    OSONASTYExtra Offensive
    OSOVERSATILEExtra Everything
    OHSOSTRONGSOSTONGDouble Extra Armour
    OHSOFASTSOFASTDouble Extra Power
    OHSONASTYSONASTYDouble Extra Offensive
    STRINGVESTMax. Armour
    VASTNESSESMax. Power
    FISTNESSESMax. Offensive
    SKEGNESSESMax. Everything
    THATSALOTOFOFFALExtra Offensive Slot
    THATSALOTOFSLOTSExtra Slots All Round
    STRONGBONESBonus Armour Slots
    FASTBONESBonus Power Slots
    NASTYBONESBonus Offensive Slots
    LOADSABONESBonus Slots All Round
    BONBONSlaughter Mortar
    GOTOINFRAREDCloaking Device

    There is also a 'cheat mode' with shortcut keys. First, type "LAPMYLOVEPUMP" (while in a race) to enable it, then use F4 to toggle the mode (Edit Mode Cheats/Options). You can then use then the following keys:

    Cheat Mode:

    CheatEffect CheatEffect
    F5Instant Repair 1Credits
    F6Damage Options 2Greased peds
    F8Timer Toggle 3Giant Peds
    F10Check Point 4Explosive Peds
    F115000 Credits 5Hot Rod
    6Turbo Peds
    8Free Repairs
    9Instant Repair
    SHIFT+1Underwater Ability ALT+1Wall Climber
    SHIFT+2Time Bonus ALT+2Bouncey Mode
    SHIFT+3Bodywork Trashed ALT+3Jelly Suspension
    SHIFT+4You get a lot of damage ALT+4Peds On Map
    SHIFT+5Frozen Opponents ALT+5Ped Electric Ray
    SHIFT+6Frozen Cops ALT+6Greased Tyres
    SHIFT+7Turbo Opponents ALT+7Damage Magnifier
    SHIFT+8Turbo Cops ALT+8Random Powerups
    SHIFT+9Lunar Gravity ALT+9Random Powerups
    SHIFT+0Timer Toggle ALT+0Pinball Mode
    CTRL+1Drugs SHIFT+ALT+1Random Powerups
    CTRL+2Gripomatic Tyres SHIFT+ALT+2Instant Handbrake
    CTRL+3Peds With Stupid Heads SHIFT+ALT+3Immortal Peds
    CTRL+4Mutant Corpses SHIFT+ALT+4Turbo
    CTRL+5Gravity From Jupiter SHIFT+ALT+5Mega-Turbo
    CTRL+6You take some damage SHIFT+ALT+6Stupid Pedestrians
    CTRL+7Slow Motion Peds SHIFT+ALT+7Suicidal Peds
    CTRL+8Mini Peds SHIFT+ALT+8Five Recovery Vouchers
    CTRL+9Turbo Bastard Nitros SHIFT+ALT+9Solid Granite Car
    CTRL+0Rock Springs SHIFT+ALT+0
    ALT+CTRL+1Helium Peds CTRL+SHIFT+1AfterBurner
    ALT+CTRL+2Pissed Peds CTRL+SHIFT+2Mine Shitting Ability
    ALT+CTRL+3Fat Bastard Peds CTRL+SHIFT+3Oil Slicks From Your Arse
    ALT+CTRL+4Stick Insects CTRL+SHIFT+4Kangaroo On Command
    ALT+CTRL+5Ped Repulsificator CTRL+SHIFT+5Pedestrian Annihilator
    ALT+CTRL+6Extra Armour CTRL+SHIFT+6Opponent Repulsificator
    ALT+CTRL+7Extra Power CTRL+SHIFT+7Dismemberfest
    ALT+CTRL+8Extra Offensive CTRL+SHIFT+8Ethereal Peds
    ALT+CTRL+9Extra Everything CTRL+SHIFT+9Grooving Peds
    ALT+CTRL+0Pedestrian Panic CTRL+SHIFT+020000 Credits
    SHIFT+ALT+CTRL+1Double Extra Offensive
    SHIFT+ALT+CTRL+2Double Extra Power
    SHIFT+ALT+CTRL+3Double Extra Everything
    SHIFT+ALT+CTRL+4Max. Armour
    SHIFT+ALT+CTRL+5Max. Power
    SHIFT+ALT+CTRL+6Max. Offensive
    SHIFT+ALT+CTRL+7Max. Everything
    SHIFT+ALT+CTRL+8Extra Armour Slot
    SHIFT+ALT+CTRL+9Extra Offensive Slot
    SHIFT+ALT+CTRL+0Double Extra Offensive

    Options Mode:

    CheatEffect CheatEffect
    1Car Simplification Level SHIFT+ 5Accessories on/off
    2Shadow Toggle SHIFT+ 6View range increased by 5
    4Sky Texture on/off SHIFT+CTRL+ 8Joystick enabled
    5Track Appears quick/slow CTRL+ALT+ 8D-pad Enabled
    6View range decreased by 5 SHIFT+ALT+ 8Force Feedback strength
    7Sound Toggle

  • How do I take screenshots?

    Hit [shift-D]. The screenshot will be placed in the DATA sub-directory, in BMP format.
    Note that this only works for the 3Dfx version- otherwise you'll have to do it via windows. Use the printscreen key to copy the screen to the clipboard, then paste it in your favourite image-editing program.

  • Are there any nifty secrets?

    Open the file 'options.txt' in the data directory. Search for the line "RusselsFannies 0" and change it to "RusselsFannies 1". This will enable the magnets on the junkyard level.

    On the airport level, if you ram a 747 as it's taking off, you can cause it to crash into the river.

    There is a secret area in Beaver Woods.
    Use the fly cheat code (IWISHICOULDFLYRIGHTUPTOTHESKY), then you fly into the railway tunnel to the south.
    Turn left in the middle of the tunnel, and you will see a secret room.

    On the level 'I want to berieve' there is a flying saucer you can knock down. There are also some aliens and cows in the pyramids.

  • Is there a car editor?

    You can edit the cars models using an editor, but it's much easier to change the bitmaps on each car. It's also possible to tweak car and handling characteristics. It's not an easy process, but if you're interested in doing it, check some web pages in the links section.

  • What about a track editor?

    The tracks and cars are stored in similar formats, so it may be possible to create new tracks. There is no easy-to-use editor, though.
    Creating a new track would be a major undertaking, and not something that could be done quickly or easily.

  • How do I alter the multiplayer options? (time limits, etc)

    Edit the 'target' variable in the multiplayer game set-up.

  • How do I get CPU cars in multiplayer?

    This is something that is unfortunately not possible in Carmageddon 2. You cannot have computer controlled AI cars in multi-player games. It was stated that this would be included, but it seems to have gotten cut.

  • How do I get pedestrians in multiplayer?

    Can't be done. No drone cars, either.

  • How do I install cars and things I have downloaded?

    Here's a quick walkthrough on how to install new cars into Carmageddon 2:
    1) First, download Carstockalypse (14 Kb) and unzip it in your Carmageddon 2 directory.
    2) Next, download the car you want to add and unzip it in the carmageddon 2 directory.
    3) Lastly, run Carstockalypse and use it to import the car into the game.
    4) For multiplayer games, all players must have the same cars, and they must be added in the same order.

    Other downloads and some cars may need to be installed in special ways for work correctly. Remember to read the instructions that come with each individual car for important information.

  • I'm stuck on a mission! What should I do?

    Don't panic! Most people have trouble with the missions at some time. While some are easy, some can be a real pain until you figure out the 'trick' to them.
    Click here for Carmageddon 2 mission hints and solutions.

  • How about some Carmageddon links?

    Click here for Carmageddon Links

    Troubleshooting Guide

  • The game is slow and jerky.

    Carmageddon 2 is pretty demanding on the processor, and some of the later levels are particularly bad this way.
    Make sure you turn down the detail levels in the options menu. Sound detail can make a fairly large difference, so set that to minimum. You can also turn off the HUD with the F1 key. This can have a drastic effect of frame rate, particularly for machines with 3Dfx cards.

  • The mini-map is in the middle of the screen.

    You can move the mini-map by holding shift and using the arrow keys.

  • Is there any way of getting the launcher to reappear?

    Add '/setup' or '/config' on to the end of Carma2's command line. (Right click 'carma2.exe', select properties, edit the command line)

  • The sound is distorted.

    If you have a Sound Blaster 128, you will need to turn down your card's sound hardware acceleration. Go to My Computer -> Control Panel -> Multimedia and select the Audio tab. Find the Playback section and select Advanced. Select the Performance tab. This is where the audio acceleration is located. Turn it down (Two notches left). This should greatly improve the sound.
    You can also try turning down the sound detail in the game options menu.

  • After the loading screen, the game crashes with an invalid page fault or stops.

    If you have First Aid, Guard Dog, or anything similar installed, they may cause this error. The patch should solve this problem.

  • When I click the 'launch' button, the game crashes with an 'Invalid Page Fault' error.

    The most probable cause for this is that your computer is infected with the Win32/CIH (Variants 1.2-1.4).
    This is NOT caused by Carmageddon 2, your computer was probably infected from some other source.
    It is very important that you download and run recent virus scanners right away. The cih virus is particularly nasty, and will cause not only unrecoverable data loss, but it may damage your system.

    Remember to scan and clean all floppy disks you have used, check files on Zip drives and so-forth. You might want to warn your friends if you have been passing along files.
    Further information on this virus can be found

  • The game is pausing every 3-4 seconds.

    This can happen if you remove the CD from the drive without turning off the CD music. Carma2 constantly tries to start the music, causing pauses.
    It can also happen if the Carmageddon II CD is not in your first CD ROM drive, if you have multiple drives. You must install and run carmageddon 2 with the CD in the first drive. (Remember to uninstall first if changing drives)

  • When I try to start a game, it says 'Please insert CD', but the CD is already there!

    You must install and boot carmageddon 2 from the first CD drive, if you have multiple drives. There are also some compatibility problems with some CD ROM drives. The patch should help.

  • The 'Home Sweet Groan' level crashes

    You may have installed the full version over the top of the demo. Since that's the demo level, it causes problems.
    Uninstall Carmageddon 2, uninstall the demo and then re-install Carmageddon 2.

  • The mouse is stuck in the top left corner.

    This usually occurs with machines using Rush and Banshee video cards.
    If you change the desktop resolution to 640 by 480 before playing, it should work.
    The 2.0 patch also fixes this problem.

  • I can't reverse!

    Re-calibrate the joystick in the Windows control panel, or disable the joystick if you are using the keys.

  • Network games won't connect, or crash all the time.

    Remember, carmageddon 2 only supports Local Area Network play only- you can't play over the internet. Your LAN must have the IPX protocol correctly installed.

    Some people have had trouble with LAN play, particularly with 95/98 games. This problem is usually caused because frame types don't match. Right click Network Neighbourhood, select properties. Select IPX, click properties. Select the 'advanced' tab, then click on frame type. Set it to 802.3, set Max connections to 16 and Max sockets to 32. Click OK.
    If you do this on all machines, it should solve the networking problems.

    LANs also occasionally run into trouble when Windows installs the wrong driver for your network card. You can force Windows to use the drivers on the disk that came with the card, and this can correct some problems.

  • Where can I get a patch?

    Most sites in the links section have all of the patches. The official support site is
    Make sure you get the correct patch for your version of the game.

    RCS's Carmageddon 2 FAQ, v1.6