Carmageddon FAQ
by RCS

  • What is Carmageddon?
  • Are people who play Carmageddon sick?
  • Why does the UK version have zombies in it?
  • What's this about a robot version?
  • What are the controls?
  • How do you steal cars?
  • What do those 'dares' do?
  • Where is this huge, special forces police APC I hear about?
  • How do I get music?
  • What about MIDI music?
  • How do I play in high-resolution mode?
  • What 3D support is there?
  • Where can I get the 3Dfx patch?
  • How do I get a steering wheel/joystick to work?
  • How do I get the joystick to work on a MAC?
  • How do I play a Network game?
  • What about Internet play?
  • Is there modem play?
  • What about cheats?
  • When I start a game it asks for the CD, even when it's in the drive.
  • I've beaten the game, but now I waste everyone too easily.
  • The Mac demo won't work- it says 'Can't find OTClientUtillib'
  • There a missing triangles and graphical glitches in the Mac version
  • How do I take screenshots?
  • Is there a car editor?
  • Is there a track editor?
  • How do I change the multiplayer options? (time limits, etc)
  • How do I get CPU cars in multiplayer?
  • How do I use the new cars and peds I've downloaded?
  • How about some carmageddon links?

  • What is Carmageddon?

    Well, it's a computer game. Some people (particularly parents and government officials) seem to have trouble understanding this, but Carmageddon is, in fact, just a computer game. Honestly. I've double checked my research, and the 'computer game' theory of Carmageddon is accepted scientific fact.

    At it's core, it's a demolition racing game with outstanding physics and damage effects. You also get to squish pedestrians.
    It was created by
    Stainless Software, and distributed by SCi and Interplay.
    It's currently available for the PC, Mac, PlayStation and N64.

  • Are people who play Carmageddon sick?

    No, of course not. While Carmageddon is pretty gory, and the main character is insane, it's just a game.
    Playing Carmageddon doesn't make someone a demented maniac any more that playing Tomb Raider makes them a fat-chested archaeologist with a fetish for killing endangered animals.

  • Why does the UK version have Zombies in it?

    The BBFC banned the original version of Carmageddon, so the zombies were put in instead. This decision has been overturned, and you can now buy the full-gore Max Pack in the UK. There are patches available restore the normal pedestrians, if you have the Zombie-version.

  • What's this about a robot version?

    The German version has robots instead of people. (Due to government restrictions on violence)
    Non-German versions of Carmageddon can be run in robot mode, if you like. To see Carmageddon with robots instead of pedestrians, use the -german switch. (Type "carma -german")

  • What are the controls?

    Either a joystick or the keypad is used to control your car, while the arrow keys change the camera postition.

    BackspaceRepair car
    InsertRecover car (flip)
    CToggle cockpit view
    ZGear down. (or jump the starting gun)
    PToggle pratt-camm on/off
    SToggle sound on/off
    -Toggle peds on/off
    DeletePurchase Armour (Multi player only)
    EndPurchase Power (Multi player only)
    Page downPurchase Offensive (Multi player only)

  • How do you steal cars?

    You can only steal some cars, and you have to have a certain rank to steal a car. The rank depends on the car you are trying to steal.

    89Vlad, Ed-101, Mech
    55Screwie Lewie, Ivan
    38Psycho Pitbull, Otis
    21Don Dumpster
    9The Suppressor (Special forces APC)

    You must waste an enemy car to have a chance at stealing it (You must get the credit. Don't let them fall in the ocean, or onto a mine)
    It's quite random- just because you can steal a car doesn't mean you will. It's not uncommon to get halfway through the game before stealing you first car. Exception: You will always steal the Special Forces APC if you wreck it.
    There is no other way to steal cars. There are no hints or tricks to make it happen. When you do steal a car, the text "Car added to change list" will flash on the screen.
    Oh, and when you finish the game, you get access to ALL the cars. (You must complete the last 5 races and have rank 1 to win the game.)
    Note: Many of the cars in the splat pack are also stealable, for example Stig's car, the doozer, the big rig, the monster truck, etc.

  • What do those 'dares' do?

    Dares (when another driver challenges you) do nothing but move you to the front of the start grid. They have absolutely no other effect.

  • Where is this huge, special forces police APC I hear about?

    Hiding on the level "Blood on the rooftops".
    It's on the roof of a carpark building, up a spiral ramp, just past checkpoint 4. Be aware that sometimes it drives off the roof just before you get to it, so you may not always find it there.
    Make sure you have max upgrades and a tough car before you take it on!

  • How do I get music?

    You need to do a full install. If you do, you will get the very cool CD audio. (Redbook Audio)
    You can even play the Carmageddon CD music on an ordinary CD player (but DON'T play track 1- that's the game data)
    If you have a full install but get no music, you might want to check the volume in your sound card's DOS mixer. Some cards default to near zero CD volume, and you'll have to increase it.

  • What about MIDI music?

    Carmageddon does not have midi music- the midi files and FM setup information was left on the CD from an older build.

  • How do I play in High-resolution mode?

    You need to use the "-hires" switch on the command line (type "carma -hires").
    Since the high resolution version requires VESA 2.0 support, you may need to download
    Display Doctor from Sci-Tech.
    Install and run this software before playing Carmageddon. Additionally, the high res version needs 24 megabytes of RAM.

    If you want to play high res in '95, then right click on the Carmageddon shortcut, select properties, program and add the -hires switch to the command Line. You might also want to click on the memory tab, and change MS-DOS protected mode memory (DPMI) to 32000 (Click on the box to enter the value manually). You can also disable the screen saver, and windows hotkeys.
    Please note: the high resolution mode is VERY demanding on your system- it is quite likely you will get a poor frame rate unless you have a really powerful system

  • What 3D support is there?

    There are 3Dfx patches for both the PC and Mac versions of the game.
    No other 3D chipsets are supported by Carmageddon. There are no patches for cards like the rendition, powerVR, ViRGE, etc, and Carmageddon does not support OpenGL or Direct3D.

    For the PC, I advise using the auto-installing 3Dfx patch. It has a file check to avoid attempting to install an incomplete download, a nice user interface, a FAQ, etc.
    In order for the 3Dfx patch to work properly, you must have Glide installed and run the game in full DOS mode. If you are using a Voodoo 3 card, you may also have to remove the memory manager (EMM386.EXE) from your autoexec.bat file.

  • Where can I get the 3Dfx patch?

    You can download the 3Dfx patches from quite a few Carmageddon sites, but as a last resort, you can try these links:
    Carmageddon 1 Auto-installing 3Dfx patch and Splat Pack Auto-installing 3Dfx patch
    Be warned, these are held on a local ISP in Western Australia and may be slow or unreliable.

  • How do I get a steering wheel/joystick to work?

    Wheels are supported. Set your device to analogue mode (if it's digital) and load any drivers it needs.
    Run the game in DOS mode, and select joystick control. When calibrating, forward=accelerate, backward=brake and left and right mean turn the wheel. (so top left corner means accelerate and turn left.)
    Joystick, wheel, and other input devices do not work in the demo.

    Information on configuring the sidewinder pro (and similar digital joysticks) can be found here on Interplay's site.

  • How do I get the joystick to work on a MAC?

    You have to go into the key set-up screen and set the actions to movements on the joystick: select 'turn left' and then move your joystick left, etc.

  • How do I play a Network game?

    Do a full install on all machines. The machine that is the host requires a CD, but the clients do not. (This means one CD can support up to 6 players.)
    Make sure your network is functioning properly- You need to load network drivers in DOS mode, and they should be on the disk that came with your network card. Usually you run a file called IPX.COM, but some cards have a more complex setup.
    The host (the fastest machine) should start a network game, while the others join a network game.
    You will experience problems if you try to connect computers in DOS mode with those in Win95- run all machines in full DOS mode if possible. If not: Go into the Win95 network properties and select IPX properties, click 'advanced' then set Frame type to 802.3, Max Sockets to 32 and Max Connections to 16. This will allow games in the Win95 GUI to communicate with ones in full DOS mode. (Works on several other games, too...)

  • What about Internet play?

    Carmageddon does NOT support internet play. IPX networks (Computers with network cards that are cabled to each other) is the only way to play Carmageddon multi-player. You must play over a local area network, not the internet.
    Even if you use IPX emulation (kali, kahn, heat, zone, etc) it will not work properly. Carmageddon cannot handle the latency generated by phone line connections.

    While it would be nice to play Carmageddon over the net, it just isn't going to happen. Carmageddon really cannot handle latency.

    There are a lot of explanations for this, and a lot of enhancements that can be made to improve it (eg: prediction code, etc).
    It doesn't alter the fact that because of the type of game it is, Carmageddon will always have problems over the net. Simply put:

    1) Carmageddon is a fast paced game. The cars move a long way in a short time, so a comms spike would totally mess up the game. The characters in Quake, for example, don't move so quickly.
    If you loose connection for 2000ms (Not exactly uncommon), a car you were chasing might warp half way across the map. You might get rammed and wasted by dumpy before you even knew he was there.

    2) Exact position is vital. In quake/duke type games, most of the combat is at a distance, so with bullets flying about it's not vital that each character is in exactly the same position on each machine. That's not the case with Carmageddon. After a ram, the cars bounce off each other. If the cars are not in exactly the same position on each computer, they will wind up in totally different locations. The game will get badly out of sync. Prediction code is of less use since what happens is so dependant on exact positioning.

  • Is there modem play?

    Nope, no modem play is included. If you have Win98, a high end computer and a clear line, you might be able to use Microsoft Dial Up Networking to simulate and IPX connection over the phone line and get a working game. However, modem to modem links have 150-300 ms latency, and that's often too much for Carmageddon to handle.

  • What about cheats?

    The cheats are very difficult to get working. Many people have had trouble. It takes quite a bit of practice to get them right.
    Except where noted otherwise, they should be typed while playing the game (during a race).

    You must type accurately, and don't hit any keys for a few seconds before or after the cheat.
    Note the keys still have the normal function, and this can cause problems. For example [S]ound can cause a pause as the CD turns on, so you might 'loose' a keypress.
    Your car should be stationary while you type a cheat. Getting hit by another car or moving seems to interrupt the cheat. (sometimes:)
    When correctly done, the cheat will activate a few seconds after the last keypress. The cheats only work for the full version, not the beta or demo.

    You might hear rumours of an 'enable' cheat- it was for the beta version, and not the full release.
    The one thing you need to get the cheats to work is persistence. It will take a while to get the hang of it.

    CheatEffect CheatEffect
    SPAMFORRESTInstant Handbrake BIG BOTTOMBodywork Trashed
    GOOGLEPLEXUnder Water Ability GIVEMELARDMoney Bonus
    SPAMSPAMSPAMSPAMPedestrians Glued to Ground SMALLUDDERSGiant pedestrians
    SUPERHOOPSExplosive pedestrians IGLOOFUNHot rod
    FUNNYJAMTurbo Pedestrians IHAVESOMESPAMGravity has Gone Strange
    BUYOURNEXTGAMEJelly Suspension ILOVENOBBYPedestrians Shown on Map
    RUSSFORMARIOPedestrian Electro-Bastard Ray YAKATTAKTurbo cops
    HAMSTERSEXBlind Pedestrians NAUGHTYTORTYPedestrian Respawn
    TRAMSARESUPERPedestrian Harvest ISLANDRULESVesuvian Corpses
    RABBITDREAMERGravity from Jupiter SPOONREASONInvulnerability
    SPAMFRITTERSFree repairs INTHEWARInstant repair
    SEXWITHFISHTimer frozen MILKYSMILESTime bonus
    NASALSMEARFrozen cops YUMMYLARDTurbo opponents
    SECRETCOWSWall climber ILOVENOBBYPedestrians shown on map
    BENFORMARIOGreased tyres WEHATEMARIOAcme Damage Magnifier
    SOAPYTITWANKSMega-turbo ICECREAMHOLE5 free recoveries

    Additional Cheats:

    Type in 'JOYRIDER' at the network race-type selection screen and you'll get access to all cars for network play. You'll need to select 'all' cars in the options screen to use them. This works with manual or random car selection.

    On the race/car selection screen type :
    KEVWOZEAR - This unlocks all races/all cars/all car upgrades
    IWANTTOFIDDLE - Unencrypt all external text files. This is used to modify the weights/properties of objects and changing the physics of the game.

    Type 'IBETYOUCANTPRINTCUNT' when in a race
    F4 - Swap between ingame modes, mostly for track and car editing.

    Edit Mode
    KeyEffect KeyEffect
    1Credits (large) Shift + 1Underwater ability
    2Peds glued to ground Shift + 2Time bonus
    3Giant peds Shift + 3Bodywork Trashed
    4Explosive Peds Shift + 4Mine
    5Hot Rod Shift + 5Frozen Opponents
    6Turbo Peds Shift + 6Frozen Cops
    7Invulnerability Shift + 7Turbo Opponents
    8Free Repairs Shift + 8Turbo Cops
    9Instant Repair Shift + 9Lunar Gravity
    0Credits (small) Shift + 0Frozen Timer
    Shift + Alt + 1Bouncey Bouncey Alt + 1Wall Climber
    Shift + Alt + 2Instant Handbrake Alt + 2Bouncey Bouncey
    Shift + Alt + 3Peds from Hades Alt + 3Jelly Suspension
    Shift + Alt + 4Turbo Alt + 4Show Peds On Map
    Shift + Alt + 5Mega Turbo Alt + 5Ped Electro-Bastard Ray
    Shift + Alt + 6Blind Peds Alt + 6Greased Tyres
    Shift + Alt + 7Ped Respawn Alt + 7Acme Damage Magnifier
    Shift + Alt + 85 Free Recoveries Alt + 8Gravity from Jupiter
    Shift + Alt + 9Solid Granite Car Alt + 9Turbo Opponents
    Shift + Alt + 0Explosive Peds Alt + 0Pinball Mode
    CTRL + 1Drugs CTRL + 4Vesuvian Corpses
    CTRL + 2Gripomatic Tyres CTRL + 5Gravity from Jupiter
    CTRL + 3Ped Harvest CTRL + 0Rock Springs

  • When I try to start a game, it says 'Please insert CD', but the CD is already there!

    Bug- and one that should have been fixed before release. (Sorry Stainless, but it's not exactly hard to spot!)
    If you have the UK version, you will have a file called patch.bat in the Carmageddon directory. Run this, and it should fix the problem (but only run it if you have trouble).

    If you have the Australian (International English) version, just eject and close the CD. This will temporarily stop the music, and allow the CD to be detected. You can get a new EXE file from SCi to fix the problem, if you prefer. (Email SCi)

  • I've beaten the game, but now I waste everyone too easily.

    Well, the most powerful equipment (the 'cheat' equipment you can only buy after winning the game) will do this.
    However, there is an intermittent bug that means you will occasionally get this power, even if you don't get those upgrades.
    The solution is to change to the eagle, buy weak upgrades, race one complete track, then save. This usually seems to 'reset' it.

  • The Mac demo won't work- it says 'Can't find OTClientUtillib'

    You need to install open transports, and turn them on. Some macs have them installed by default. If not, you can visit the apple site and download the open transport files from there. Once they are installed, go to the apple extras folder and use the Network Software Selector.
    If you prefer, you can download a more recent demo from SCi's website.

  • There a missing triangles and graphical glitches in the Mac version

    This is caused if you use a non-standard maths lib. While the custom ones may be faster, they are less accurate and can cause odd effects.

  • How do I take screenshots?

    Hit [shift-D]. The screenshot will be placed in the DATA sub-directory, in BMP format.

  • Is there a car editor?

    There isn't an easy-to-use editor for C1, but Plaything 2 can be used to create new cars. It's also possible to tweak car and handling characteristics and change the bitmaps on each car. It's not an easy process, but if you're interested in doing it, you can find more resources and documentation on several Carmageddon sites.

  • What about a track editor?

    No, but in the cheats section is a code to activate the in-game editor, which allows you to place objects on the map.

  • How do I alter the multiplayer options? (time limits, etc)

    Unfortunately, you can't do this without hacking the game.
    The information is stored in the 'general.txt' file, and if you use the 'IWANTTOFIDDLE' cheat to decrypt the file, it can be altered. (be sure to back up your files before messing around, though.)

  • How do I get CPU cars in multiplayer?

    This is something that is unfortunately not possible in Carmageddon. You cannot have computer controlled AI cars or cops in multi-player games.

  • How do I use the new cars and peds I've downloaded?

    Each download should have some instructions in a readme file, but as a basic guide:
    For cars-
    '*.PIX' files should be put in the directory 'CARMA\DATA\PIXELMAP\'
    '*.TXT' files should go to 'CARMA\DATA\CARS\'
    For peds-
    '*.TXT' files should be put in 'CARMA\DATA\'
    'PROG.ACT' should go into the 'CARMA\DATA\ACTORS' folder
    '*.WAV' files should be placed in the 'CARMA\DATA\SOUND' folder

  • How about some Carmageddon links?

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    RCS's Carmageddon FAQ, v1.95

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