List of Carmageddon Links
by RCS

Carmageddon sites

Mac Carpocalypse This is the best site for the Mac gamers.
Driven to Destruction
The Carmageddon Fan Club
Crash & Burn
Carmageddon City
BGC motors
Pedestrian Pizza Pallace
Toxic Rangers
Econobrick's car page
CCC Carmageddon Custom Corner
Carma Service Station
The Carma Cup
Be quick or be dead
Max Carmageddon 2000
Carmageddon Insane
Seduction of Destruction
Puma Racing Things
Andy's Carma Corner
The Spray Shop
Zombie Splatter
Smash Trash 'n' Crash
Budzmang's Carmageddon Site
TNT Motors
Carmageddon Fusion
Maximum carnage
The Suppression
All things Carmageddon
Carmageddon: Milennium
Dukester's Meltdown
T-dawg's carma place
Drive or Die
Banger racing TC
Lucifers's Web-Page
Back roads of Carmageddon
Maxdriver13's Carmageddon file source
SharkMan's carma page
Whiplash's ped anihilator
Major Monkey's carma source
Steel Armageddon
Sheridan1's Carma Site
Hunter'z Carma page
Unknown Terror
Carmageddon SuperSite
BrainFrame Productions Check out some of Carmageddon 2's best vehicles!
Gamedudes review
Splat on Mac
LEG Website
Carmageddon Discussion
Christopher Peterssons Carmageddon page
Carmageddon Dimension
Maniac's carma site
Splatter Bonus
Complete Carmageddon- starting line
The Carmageddon Garage
Carmageddon Universe Extreme pop-up and cookie use
Carmageddon Central Has annoying pop-ups.
Rest in pieces
Win95 Carmageddon Theme Homepage
tartan's Carmageddon hideout
Carmageddon 2 Total Chaos
TTLB Carma 2
Carma search
The Highway Code
Charlie's page
Wretched Death
Savage Elve Downloadable cars for C2, editing information and more.

Message boards

CWA message board A carmageddon message board used by many sites
Carpocalypse message board
STC Forum
Interplay's message board

Official Sites The official carmageddon support page.
SCi Sales Curve interactive, the publishers for carmadeggon.
Interplay's carmageddon page Interplay's Carmageddon page. (Interplay are the US distributors for carmageddon)
Torus Makers of Carma 3

Other language sites

Carma page (Japan)
Carpocalypse Now (French)
OCCIs Carmageddon Page (German) (German)
Prosektorium Carmageddon 2 (Polska)

Old, discontinued, non-functional or not updated links

CFC message board
Drive to Survive Excellent Carmageddon 2 editing section
TDR2000 City
Splat Central
Carpocalyptic Chaos
Road Rage
Streets of Carmageddon
Carmageddon stuff
Carnage inc
John's Carmageddon page
Hawk's Garage
Carmageddon2 empire
Command Kit Central
Gooner's Offensive Driving School
Crazy Canucklehead
Carmageddon World
The Hall of Maim
Carma 2 landscape
Stainless Software page Carmageddon's creators.
SCi's Carmageddon 2 page Official SCi page for Carmageddon 2
Carma 2 Road Kill
Carmageddon Police Department
We stock peds
The Warehouse
Carmageddon: TDR2000 A new site, covering only carmageddon 3.
Blood Lust
Carmageddon Modeler's Network
CCES Carpocalypse Central Editing Studio
Carnage City
CGN Carmageddon games network
Mountain Massacre
Carnage 2000
Carma 2 carnage
Bad Carma
The Carma Garage
Carmageditor Old, not updated in ages
Carma Deluxe
FAZeD Carmageddon
Checkpoint! Carmageddon All-Stars
Total Carmageddon Uses Javascript
Max Damage Carma site
Carm page
Danish C2 fan page
Stuff & More about Carmageddon
Fliepke's site
Vbg's carmageddon garage
World of Carmageddon
Carma 2 blood page
Raven's carma page
Top Gear Thrash
Blood on the Highway
The Unforgiven
Carmageddon2 @
UK Carmageddon
Carmageddon Now!
Carma control UK
Max Damage Carma Page
Cunning stunt bonus
Murder of the Streets
Ebola's Carma site
Blood red
Carmageddon Rules
Carmageddon Worship Page
Damage Inc.
DarkPerv's Carmageddon Page
The UnOfficial US Carmageddon web page
Unofficial Oz Page
Mac Race

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